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The more severely you prune the tree, the more blooming will be affected.

On the other hand, there is no reason to aggressively prune a crape myrtle, if the tree is healthy and not causing any issues.

“Crape myrtles are beautiful trees. They do not require any pruning to encourage summer blossoms, and can grow to be tall, prolific showpieces for. Jul 24, As a general statement, crape myrtles need next to no pruning and can be left alone. As a matter of fact, if a crape myrtle is planted in a full sun area with room to grow, it will develop a nice rounded canopy with no pruning needed.

It is also true that crape myrtles can become so large that pruning is no longer bushnotch.clubted Reading Time: 4 mins. Specialties:ISA Certified Arborist providing consulting in all aspects of tree care for homeowners, HOA's, and organizationsLicensed pesticide applicator providing organic pest control optionsSmall tree, shrub, fruit tree, and crape myrtle pruning and maintenanceVegetable garden design and maintenanceNative garden design and maintenanceNatural area planning and management 5/5(2).

Flowers on crape myrtle are produced on new growth.

However, pruned crepe myrtles do typically produce larger flower panicles, so if this is something you want to achieve, then pruning after flowering could be a good move.

Although it will produce larger flowers and bloom more profusely if lightly pruned, crape myrtle will produce plenty of flowers without any pruning. If pruning is necessary to stimulate new growth, prune in late winter or early spring. Oct 22, Pruning to Promote Health. Crepe myrtle can become densely branched if allowed to grow as it pleases, and some people may be concerned that this isn’t good for the health of the tree.

Certainly, in older varieties of crepe myrtle, the tree should have its branches thinned out to ensure good airflow to prevent disease.

However, most modern. Jul 18, But it helps to identify which pruning style meets your ideal look, so keep reading to find out more about the three main pruning styles. The Single Trunk.

In my opinion, the single trunk Crape Myrtle is one of the more beautiful shapes the tree can take on with proper pruning, however, will require the most investment in pruning each year. Allowing your Crape Myrtle to grow into it's natural shape has been the trend in recent years.

When the tree has dead or diseased branches.

This approach requires little to no pruning. Just allow your plant to branch and spread naturally. Your Crape Myrtle will still bloom and be beautiful if watered often and properly Fertilized. Jun 14, While pruning crepe myrtle trees is good for helping to keep the tree shaped like you would like it to be, it is not normally necessary to the health of the tree.

Prune crepe myrtle trees when you wish to shape them or if you find the branches are too close together for your taste, but for the most part, you do not need to prune crepe myrtle bushnotch.clubted Reading Time: 3 mins. Jun 23, If there are no flowers on crepe myrtle, it could be that the tree was pruned late in the season, causing the new wood to be mistakenly removed, which causes the buds for the flowers to never really develop.

Never prune a crepe myrtle before it blooms. That being said, when do crepe myrtles.

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